Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Back on the project

Finally went up Cheesewring again, weather was good, crag wer dry. The intention was the Khyber Project. Did a few old favorites to warm up, swung leads with Hannah on Simenon Direct then wandered over to Julietts Balcony. Up we went followed by a quick abseil into the fortress and had a play.

How did it go?

Got a spanking.

Oh well, found a slightly different way of doing the start. It certainly felt more logical, still struggled with the next section, think i just need to get a did scrappy maybe even pull, who knows? Might be able to be a bit more samurai about it by climbing some hard slab routes.

The issue is yet again am injured,again, me shoulders hurt. A lot. It ill be alright though am back of to physio.

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