Saturday, 7 August 2010

Orkney to Penwith

It's been a bit mental in the last two months. We've been from Cornwall back up to Orkney again, stopping at numerous places on the way.

Obviously climbing but also hooking up with mates and parents on the way.

After running the schools program at the college we packed up and left for the Scottish road trip, as usual there was a bit of last minute work to be done. First a day trip to wales to attend an SPA providers work shop. Sounds dull but this was the best one I've been to so far, the fella from DMM was there braking Krabs pulling sling apart and the like. Then of course i had to fill in loads of paper work in to apply to be a provider. Have to wait till September for a reply.

Off to the lakes, it rained. Saw Pete and Ingrid, still raining so went north.

Woke up in Glen Coe still wet so we ran across the Aonach Eagach ridge in about 4 hours.

Thing is with Scotland is it's massive so we stopped at numerous places all the way to Orkney (Via Durness).

The reason we went to Orkney is for the party my friends Ami and Martin build a stage massive fires and rock out all night, its great.

Then back to mainland heading south visiting Torriden, Applecross. But wait what is yonder isles in the distance. Its Skye looking as amazing as ever.

Before we started this trip we both said we aren't gonna go to Skye. We have been there loads climbing, walking scrambling and being eaten. So we set of for another visit.

We climb at Staffin in the north bit wet and windy. Slept in Glen Brittle. We awoke to glories blue skys with a hot sun. The seen was set, of we ran into Corrie Laggan up about 300m of climbing to the Choich and had lunch. This has always been a childhood dream of mine. Another 100m of climbing led us to the summit and a gentle stroll back to the van.

Skye always looks on us favourable we always have some good weather so the next morning there was more sun so back up we went. Only this time to do something a bit harder. Al went well, after negotiating the awkward decent i fell, bounced a bit down a gully then came to a stop on a massive block. My rib cage stopped my fall and my god it hurt, couldn't breath or talk. There was a bloke coming down the gully who tried to help, but what can you do its hell, air goes in hurts like hell to breath out, air goes in hurts like hell to breath out. So after swearing lot started to run down to my sack. Agony, packed back all i wanted to do was get of the hill to my van so packed back by which time Hannah had arrived, i did try to convince her they weren't broken but we both new the Truth. So continued down the hill at brake neck speeds so as not to prolong the pain.

Any way got down, then drove off, somewhere nice? no Leeds. My parents live in Leeds and I've not been there for about 5 years, it was cool hanging out finding out my mothers latest hair brained scheme (She's walking the coast to coast using Tesco's club card point to pay for youth hostels).

Now we are back, now we are on a field in Morvah (West Penwith) with Boats Bikes and a large rack of climbing gear ready to ave it (once the ribs aren't so sore)