Friday, 30 April 2010

SPA Trainning

Just finished working on an SPA training with the guys from Spirit of Adventure. It's really cool working with these guys, they talk sense. Having sent students of to do SPA training's you always spend at least a month explaining the out come. So to be a part off a training course the supports the use of Bowline is a breath of fresh air, not tying of clove hitches is revolutionary. To most climbers this may sound daft but it happens people really do tie of clove hitches. The only issue is it seems that John books the rain, although it didn't rain as much as last time so that was nice.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

NICAS, then West

Sun's out. Best go west. So we did and it was worth it. The thing is to go on trips all the time you need to balance work, play and training. So working the past two week ends at the Barn helped. Its interesting work, working with the Barn Youth Climbing Club. They are working there way thought the NICAS scheme. Having only done some work with scheme i am more and more impressed with it. Obviously it ideal for an indoor environment, but i do feel it needs some outdoor elements, an intro to sports would be easy to fit around the scheme plus its in the great outdoors.

Being in the barn all weekend it was hard to believe so many people visit during such glorious weather. There is an up side, no one on our crags.

Until. When walking into Bosigran I was livid to see someone climbing on Porthmiona Island, during the nesting session. Then when on the top decided to "have a chat" with there mate on Door post. How can such stupidity exist. Well It was a University climbing club.

Thing is there are some birds around some nesting, some not. Chair Ladder is covered in bird shit and nest's but not many nesting yet, Black Head on the lizard has ravens nesting on Archangel and shags nesting on the wall of holds.
Tater Du has nothing on it except the large nest that is usually on Martell's Direct finish is there didn't see any thing flying around though.

Well the exhaust fell of my van, got a crack steering rack gaiter so have to go north to work Arse. Well we will be back soon

Friday, 16 April 2010

First trip west of the year

Are West Penwith is a special place. Maybe its cause i get to live out of a van. Maybe it's cause the sun always shines. Maybe its cause I hate granite. Maybe it's cause the climbing is so good (even though I hate granite). Any way we went down top Halldrine cove, this is one of the best teaching venues down here. Easy access good climbing, good gear in a nice setting, having done every route in under two hours we opted for a change of venue. Trewaves, ever heard off it? well it's ace. After a quick warm up on Cross Over (Very exposed HVS) we went and sent Single blonde's which is is a bit tough at E4 but OK. Back to the van for a quick kip (well it was 10 o'clock). Next day and my best mate Robson was knocking on the door, he was itching to complete his project and do you know what? he did. Over on the ridge he has created Economy 7 what a classic. Well after a few more tough VS's we are driving back to Bodmin cause I've got to do some work. A Level climbing? AS level climbing? and some coaching at the barn (the south wests best climbing wall) well it OK really we all have to work and there's no where better than here in Cornwall.