Sunday, 28 February 2010


What do you do on a day off in North Wales when the weather is a bit suspect. Go down the Slate quarries. With resent development there is a massive variety of option around, old classics's with newly up graded gear or just plan simple new routes. Potter around and do what ever, keep moving from different crags to keep warm. 13 routes, 4 different crags, treat. Back to Cornwall tomorrow.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Duchy College North Wales Expedition

Four star kayak cancelled due to lack of rain, rock climbing is hard to source coz off all the lovely white snow. The classic venues of Lion rock gave us a day of good sunshine, this is an ideal venue for SPA style stuff. We then had an interesting day Mountain biking down at the Marin course in Betws y Coed, still loads of snow, so much snow that you had to pedal down hill, then it snowed some more. Still Thursday was cool spent the day over at Castle Inn Quarry, such an assessable venue will always please students. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Old project New Bolts

There is a route I've been trying for about ten years. Still haven't done it (yet). How do you achieve something you can't do? One make it public e.g Stick some bolts in it (Make sure venue is appropriate first) Two let others know. So its in Cheesewring by Kyber Wall. Should be done soon.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fun in the winter sun

Doyden point in glorious sun shine in February, does it get any better? Yes climbing Flying Circus and getting to hot in a hoodie, then quickly nipping up one of the best VS's on the north coast, Caprice. Hope this weather stays for North Wales next week, wishful thinking me thinks.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Two weeks in Spain nice, well it was even after the two months of rain. We where here before Christmas during a spell of good weather on the last day it rained and didn't stop till we got back. We did a massive amount of climbing highlights being, red pointing Bocov Kokot (7c+) at Esperanza, Hannah fully crushing a 6a over on Sergio Antonia and declaring its about 4 maybe 4+, Joe and Nick fearless approach to falling/ jumping off routes. All was going well then it started to rain so an "active rest day" was called for, so we went for a team trip up both the gorges the second canyon is so impressively beautifully. The day after the weather looked more promising so we went for El Navigador Pillar (5 pitches up to 7a+), the rain started after the i had finished the third pitch but Hannah ended up followed this pitch in the pouring rain. After we abseiled off the rain didn't stop. So where do you go in the rain when in El-Chorro, follow the crowds up to Poema DE Roca. Is it dry in there? Fairly if you avoid the biggest drips and mad falling Spaniards. The tufa was running with water the in-situ chalk felt as slimy as bird poo.