Thursday, 10 December 2009


What a place, cheap flights, cheap digs, cheap beer and as many crazy Euros as you can talk to. There is a bit of climbing around these parts all within walking distance so you don't even need a car. Each sector has its own style ranging from the slabs of Los Cotos, to the jug hauling delights of Desplomilandia. Both the first and the relatively unknown second gorge are both Worthy of a day wondering it give sore skin and limbs a chance. the first gorge is exiting but safe with a via ferrata of sorts in place so the exposure can be enjoyed. Once through the gorge a wee wonder along some paths with good view's towards Polaravin, cotos and Makinodromo bring you to the second gorge. This is a bit frightening there is only cable when the walk way has fallen down if its still possible to walk along it then do so, whilst thinking light thoughts. Once in it the most beautiful place in the whole of El-Chorro. We i be back? fuck yeah.