Tuesday, 19 June 2012

National Council

Weird times, went up Pembroke after working at The Potheridge. Didn't realise it was a double bank holiday, did some cool climbing round St Davids, very similar to Culm coast but 10 times more solid. Then it rained, still manage to surf at Aberidy which was ace and so the cycle begin. Climb rocks when not raining surf when it was (or drink tea).

Not a bad way to spend a week but i was there for other reasons. The BMC National council meeting.

What the? This was the first National council meeting i ve ever been to having volunteered to be a rep for the south west.

I know me at a meeting laughable isn't it, still i was there, still have know idea what am supposed to be doing or saying but at least i can vote.

Vote oh my god? for what more tea?

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